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High school



“Lake Mead Christian Academy exists to make disciples of Jesus Christ through education and community.”
LMCA views high school as an opportunity to prepare students for his or her respective futures. We highly value our academic and spiritual rigor, which is proven in our 99% rate of students choosing to attend Christian and secular colleges and universities. Over the 25 years of LMCA’s ministry to students, we have seen students receive great opportunities to some of our country’s best colleges and universities.


Our teachers endeavor to exemplify Christ-like love in their interactive and engaging classrooms.  All of our faculty go through a thorough interview and induction process and are equipped to teach students on an academic level, as well as, guide them through their journey as they prepare to further their educations in college.


We employ a full time, licensed Guidance Counselor so that our students have a safe and confidential place to receive counseling through some of high school life’s difficulties. Our Secondary Principal and Dean of Students also partner alongside parents to keep students accountable for their maturation progress, so that we develop young men and women who are responsible and caring.


We view education as a means to help students master the process of learning and flourish in their God-given capacities beyond high school. We offer a demanding curriculum that includes: a Worldview track that includes an in-depth survey of both the Old and New Testament, the works of C.S. Lewis, and learning strategies that will enable students to defend and solidify their Christian faith. Our core curriculum also offers rigorous courses in Math, English, History, Science, Bible, Physical Education, and World Languages. We also offer a myriad of electives such as Yearbook, Theater/Dance, Art, Sewing, & Rosetta Stone Language courses (i.e., Japanese, French, German, Greek, etc…).
LMCA also offers select AP courses in mathematics, fine arts, literature, language, and geography.  We also have several partnerships with colleges that offer dual credit to our students.
Our teachers are trained to implement biblical integration techniques into every subject, so that our students can engage cultural norms and academic content from a biblical perspective.  Also to develop our students spiritually, we begin each year with a 3-day retreat, conduct weekly chapel services, and engage in a weeklong domestic or foreign mission trip.
Outside the classroom, LMCA offers social events such as Sadie Hawkins, Homecoming, and Prom. Students also participate in a wide variety of athletic, student leadership, and fine arts opportunities. 


We strongly value our responsibility to educate our entire community; thus LMCA is an “open enrollment” school. Our mission is to have Christian education accessible to every family regardless of economic status or religious affiliation. We strive to keep our tuition affordable without sacrificing the caliber of both staff and education. We know that students thrive when all aspects of their lives are cultivated.
If you would like to take a tour of our campus, see us in action, or inquire for more information, please call our Admissions Coordinator, Jaimee Thomason at 702-565-5831 ext. 0000140.