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Child care is offered for LMCA students from 6:30 AM to the beginning of class, and from the end of the school day to 6:00 PM. The school is not responsible for students brought more than 15 minutes before school begins or left longer than 15 minutes after dismissal unless they are enrolled in the LMCare program. Elementary students (1st-5th) are dismissed to LMCare if they are still on campus 15 minutes after school is dismissed.

Students are to arrive on campus no earlier than 15 minutes before their start time and must leave campus 15 minutes after their school dismissal time unless they are actively participating in a school-sponsored event (practice, games, etc.). Supervision is not available outside of LMCare  for students who are dropped off early or picked up late.
Though not specifically designed for middle or high school students, LMCare is administratively designated for all (1st-12th) students who remain on campus without benefit of supervision. Unless a student is involved in a supervised activity immediately after school, all students are required to go to LMCare, sign in and remain there until picked up and signed out by his/her parent/guardian. Students will be charged for this time.