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Elementary Environment

Offering an authentic environment centered around developing each individual child to flourish in their unique potential, LMCA invites you to be part of a community where your student is their genuine interest. Experience a culture where parent involvement and partnership creates a nurturing pathway for student success.  The difference is the environment.



Bible Classes

Lake Mead Christian Academy is committed to biblical integration in all areas of academic study. However, we set aside one class period each day (except chapel days) to specifically study the Bible from a Christian perspective. The Bible is taught in an age-appropriate manner to all of our students. In the secondary grades, the Bible classes are less academically rigorous, instead the class period is devoted to biblical application and Christian discipleship. 


Weekly Chapel Services

Each week Lake Mead Christian Academy holds a corporate chapel service for the major grade divisions (e.g. lower elementary; upper elementary; middle school; high school). These chapels afford us the opportunity to collectively worship and examine a single relevant topic as a large group. The chapels are celebratory times where we enjoy being together and hearing a challenge from God’s word. We encourage parents and grandparents to attend these times of collective worship. Click here for times.



Lake Mead Christian Academy commits one week each year from the academic calendar for secondary students to missions. We believe the mark of a disciple of Jesus is love of neighbor. Our mission program gives our students the opportunity to serve locally and abroad. Our students experience other cultures and respond to the great human need that exists all around. Elementary student join this program as they are paired with one of these student missionaries for the purposes of prayer support.  Secondary and elementary students will pray together (in the elementary student's classroom with the teacher present) at least two times before Mission Week and will meet together at least once after Mission Week. 


MathFacts in a Flash

One reason students struggle with math in their later years is that they haven’t built a solid math foundation in their younger years. MathFacts in a Flash involves practice for grades 1-5. It gives students valuable practice on their addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, decimals, and percentages.  The goal is to achieve “automaticity”—the ability to recall math facts instantly, accurately, and effortlessly.  Best of all, students find MathFacts in a Flash to be simple and fun. And when things are simple and fun, good things happen in a classroom.


Accelerated Reader

Accelerate Reader (or more commonly referred to as AR) is a computer program that helps teachers and librarians manage and monitor children’s independent reading practice.  Your child will pick a book at his/her own level and will read it at his/her own pace. When finished, your child will take a short quiz on the computer. (Passing the quiz is an indication that your child understood what was read.) Children using AR choose their own books to read, rather than having one assigned to them. This makes reading a much more enjoyable experience as they can choose books that are interesting to them.



Big events during the school year

September - Grandparents Day (a day for our grandparents to fellowship with each other and to see their grandchild in their school atmosphere)...Serve and Protect (a day to honor our first responders)

October - Harvest Festival...Canned Food Drive (to help the Las Vegas Rescue Mission)

November - Thanksgiving Family Lunch

December - Christmas Chapels (Kindergarten - Fifth grade presentations)

January - 100th Day of School Celebration, LMCA Expo (experience all areas of LMCA, encourage friends and family to attend)

February - Famous American Presentations (First - Fifth grade reader's theater presentations)

March - Nevada Reading Week and Spring Book Fair, Easter Chapels (Kindergarten - Fifth grade presentations)

April - Clark Country Fair and Rodeo Field Trip

May - A year in review and awards ceremony