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Before making any purchases, please review our student dress policy below for PK3 and PK4.

Early Education Dress Code - One of our goals in LMCA Early Education is to train little ones to dress appropriately and modestly from the earliest of ages.

  • Children in PK3 and PK4 are to be dressed in LMCA polo shirts and wear uniform type shorts or pants of solid navy blue, khaki, grey, or black.
  • Girls are permitted to wear skorts or skirts with shorts  underneath.  (All shorts, skirts, jumpers, and skorts must be of modest length.)
  • Children are to wear shoes at all times.  NO flip-flops or open back shoes. Children are to wear velcro or slip-on shoes until they can independently tie their shoes.  CROCS are not allowed.
  • In colder weather, children must bring coats and/or sweaters, and may wear a long sleeve shirt under the polo
  • Dress Code Violations are issued as follows:
    • First Violation – The student will receive a “Dress Code Violation” card
    • Second Violation – A verbal conversation will take place with a parent
    • Third Violation – The student will not be permitted to attend (unless otherwise approved by the Director) until in proper uniform attire.


LMCA’s online uniform distributors:

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You may contact the LMCafe with questions at (702) 565-5831 ext. 0000156.