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Early Education

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Rates and Hours


Financial Information

Lake Mead Christian Academy’s tuition is an investment into your child’s life and spiritual growth.  For our part, LMCA has strived to stay affordable for average families though certainly, Christian education will always require financial sacrifice.  Some miscellaneous fees will be charged to the participants for school services or activities.  This form contains additional information and guidelines about your financial relationship with LMCA.

*Must be potty trained to enter PK3

Weekly Tuition:  Weekly tuition includes, but is not limited to, classroom supplies and start-up costs, curriculum, student supplies, teacher supplies, and iPad and Apple TV.
Payment:  Childcare payments are designed to be paid at least one (1) week before care has taken place.
Late Fee:  A $15 late fee per week/per child will be applied to ALL accounts with a balance due after 9:00 am Monday.
Vacation/Personal Days (Full time students ONLY):  Full time students are allotted five (5) personal days per enrollment year for vacation and/or sick absences. Use of vacation/sick days must be requested to be used, or normal weekly tuition rates will apply.  Vacation/sick days are not carried over to the next enrollment year.  When all five (5) days have been used, normal weekly tuition rates will be charged.
Additional Charge on Credit Card Payments:  3%
Debit Card Payments: No additional Fee
NSF Fee on Returned Checks:  $25.00
Miscellaneous Fees:  Uniform wear and student events
Withdrawal Fee:  Two (2) week notice is required for withdrawal without penalty.  Otherwise, $150.00 withdrawal fee applies.


Childcare Times:

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