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LMCA is blessed to have a nursery that can accommodate infants as young as 6 weeks old. Caretakers enjoy encouraging each infant in developmentally appropriate skills such as movement, communication, exploration, and logic. This is done in a colorful playroom with plenty of floor space and toys.

Sign Language
When babies learn sign language, this skill provides him or her with a powerful educational tool of earlier communication. Frustration and outbursts are lessened, because baby can immediately communicate his wants/needs until he can physically pronounce it.

Toddler sign language can be used to develop social and language skills (even though they are a bit older than your typical infant). Toddlers can speak a few words, but still have many times when they are unable to express themselves to their satisfaction.

Many of the infamous “terrible two’s” tantrums are a result of complete and total frustration over the inability to express emotions or feelings. Toddlers can learn Toddler Sign Language, which makes communication easier and more effective. A child having a tantrum is a miserable as the parents feel trying to cope with the emotional rage. Anything that gives a safe outlet for emotional expression can only be beneficial.

Learning sign language does not delay speech, but in fact aids speech development. Most baby signers speak earlier than babies who do not learn baby sign language.

Students will participate in activities that aide in the development of fine motor skills, such as coloring and other crafts.

Students receive a Daily Information Sheet and an evaluation twice a year.

Supply List

1 - Crib Sheet
1 - Small Blanket
3 - Boxes of Tissues **
Diapers, Wipes, Food as Needed
All cups, bottles, food, clothes, etc. MUST be labeled.

** Some extra supplies may be needed during the year and parents can expect to replenish according to class requirements.

Each student will need to keep a change of clothing (weather appropriate) at school at all times (including socks and undergarments).  Please place your child’s name on each article of clothing and the Ziploc bag they are contained in.

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North Campus Teachers                                               South Campus Teachers
Mary Baryeh - Lead                                                         Lucinda McKee - Lead
Deborah Brai - Aide                                                         Schreen Brown - Aide
MJ Santiago - Aide                                                          Candice Windham - Aide
Heather Young - Aide