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Students use a the ABeka programs The curriculum is challenging, with biblical integration, places  emphasis on math, phonics, and penmanship, along with drills and routine assessments.

Phonics and Reading
Students are introduced to letters and sounds, which lead to blending sounds that result in reading words.

Cursive Writing
Students are introduced to writing each letter of the alphabet in cursive along with writing their names.

Students are in introduced to a variety of poems through out the year and encouraged to communicate the meaning of the poem.

Student will learn to count and recognize numbers 1-100. As well as learn all the concepts involved in working with numbers 1-25.

Students will participate in a corporate chapel service once a week.

Each student will have the opportunity to talk to God through prayer, hear God’s Word through song and daily lessons and learn God’s Word through memory verses.

Students will participate in activities that aide in the development of small motor skills, such as cutting, coloring and other crafts and materials, along with the opportunity to be creative.

Students receive evaluations at the end of quarters 1 and 3, and progress reports at the end of quarters 2 and 4.


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