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Early Education Handbook

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Absences (please also review vacation/sick days policy) - There is no refund for sick days or absences of any kind (once all vacation/sick days have been used).  After five (5) sequential absences, at the discretion of the LMCA Early Education Director, your child may be considered withdrawn and an early withdrawal fee of $150.00 along with two weeks of tuition charged.

Biting - We consider biting a very serious matter.  Parents will be notified to pick up their child immediately if they bite another student or staff member and has broken skin.  If your child has been bitten and skin has been broken, the teacher or staff member will take care of the wound and contact his/her parent.  The parent of the child who was bitten can choose to pick up their child or have him/her remain at school.

Child Abuse and Neglect - LMCA Early Education stands in compliance to Nevada State NAC 421A.410 which requires all staff to report suspected child abuse/neglect to authorities within 24 hours.

Class Parties - Limited classroom space and supervision make it difficult for younger siblings to participate in class parties.  Please check with your child’s teacher prior to bringing younger siblings.

Special Note:  To avoid offense, private parties that are not all-class inclusive may not have invitations distributed via the classroom.  Also, exclusive events may not be promoted at school.

Curriculum Overview - PK2 - K4 students use a combination of the ABeka and ACSI programs.  The curriculums are challenging and biblically based and places an emphasis on math, phonics, and penmanship.  Textbooks integrate facts and application with God’s truth.  Students are challenged by drills and routine assessments.  Curriculum classes are provided on a 9-month schedule.

Dress Code - One of our goals in LMCA Early Education is to train little ones to dress appropriately and modestly from the earliest of ages.

  • Children are to be dressed in LMCA polo shirts and wear uniform type shorts or pants of solid navy blue, khaki, grey, or black.
  • Girls are permitted to wear skorts or skirts with shorts underneath.  (All shorts, skirts, jumpers, and skorts must be of modest length.)
  • Children are to wear shoes at all times.  NO flip-flops or open back shoes.
  • In colder weather, children must bring coats and/or sweaters, and may wear a long sleeve shirt under the polo.
  • Dress Code Violations are issued as follows:
    • First Violation – The student will receive a “Dress Code Violation” card
    • Second Violation – A verbal conversation will take place with a parent
    • Third Violation – The student will not be permitted to attend (unless otherwise approved by the Director) until in proper uniform attire.

Emergencies - In case of medical emergencies, parents are contacted immediately and an incident report is recorded.  Environmental or building emergencies as well as campus lock down procedures are practiced monthly in cooperation with local authorities.  When contacted regarding national, citywide, or area emergencies, parents and students are to observe instructions issued by school authorities and law enforcement.  In case of center closure due to weather, power outage, or other emergency, parents are notified to pick up children in a timely fashion.  LMCA Early Education has a comprehensive plan for a variety of emergencies in compliance with NAC 432A.280 to ensure that the staff of the facility is prepared to respond to an emergency.  Emergency plans are available at the front desk for review.

Financial Commitment – Childcare tuition must be paid weekly, at minimum, and in advance, on the Friday prior.  Accounts with a past due balance after 9:00 am Monday morning will be assessed a $15 late fee per week/per child. If your Childcare account balance becomes two weeks delinquent, with no payment plan arranged with the Finance Office, you may be required to enroll in an automatic withdrawal plan.  Additional accounts may also be subject to deactivation in RenWeb, along with possible disruption in the child’s attendance.

Health Guidelines - LMCA Early Education only administers prescribed medications upon written consent of the parents.  Consent forms are available at the front desk.  Non-prescribed drugs such as Tylenol, decongestants, or ointments will not be given to any child without a written note from the child’s doctor.  All medication will be stored at the front desk.  Students are never to carry medication with them (this includes inhalers).  If a child is healthy enough to attend school, he/she will be expected to participate in our program as scheduled. 

In the event of sudden illness or injury, we will notify the parents immediately and the child must be picked up within an hour after the parent has been notified.  In the event your child has an illness that requires him/her to be seen by a physician, or is recommended by LMCA, a note from the physician must be provided upon returning to school. The note must include the date of the visit, the diagnosis, and a specific date as to when they may return to school. 

Children may return to school once they are symptom free for 24 hours if he/she has:

  • A fever of 100 or above (taken auxiliary) or has had a temperature over 100 in the past 24 hours
  • Vomited more than once (or other symptoms are involved)
  • Diarrhea more than two times in 24 hours
  • A rash that has not been diagnosed by a physician
  • Discharge from the eyes

Hitting - We consider intentional hitting a serious matter.  If a student hits a teacher or staff member with intent, parents will be notified immediately to discuss the incident.  Based on the nature and severity of the incident(s), it will be determined by the Director if the child may remain, or be dismissed for the day.  If the behavior continues, the Director and parent(s) will meet to discuss a plan of action, which may also lead up to dismissal from LMCA Early Education.  If the behavior continues, it is at the discretion of the Director if attendance will be permitted.

Homework (PK3 - K4) - Homework aids in self-discipline, reinforces concepts, and is considered critical for the demands of excellent education.  It can be expected almost every night.  Wednesday is typically church night and homework will not be assigned.

Late Pickup - Punctual pickup of your child is necessary for the well being of both child and staff.  After our closing time of 6:00 pm, you will be charged a fee.  The time will be recorded and the fee added to your account as follows:  Tardy pickup fee will be $5.00, plus $1.00 for every minute after 6:00 pm.  Please, if there are any disputes over late fees; refer your complaints to the Director within thirty (30) days.  If a child has not been picked up within one (1) hour of closing time, child protective services could be called as per State regulations.

Lost & Found - Lost and found items will remain in the child’s classroom for one week.  Unclaimed items will be donated to local charities.  Please have your child’s possessions marked clearly with his/her name.

Lunch - Children enrolled in full day programs MUST bring a sack lunch with drink daily.  Lunches must be of quality and quantity, which supplement food served at home, in order to meet one third of their daily nutritional needs.  Hot lunch or cafeteria items are available for purchase, via RenWeb or the kitchen, prior to 8:30 am and will be delivered to the classrooms.  After 8:30 am, please contact the kitchen directly at (702) 565-5831 x00000123, or in person, to check ordering options and availability. LMCA Early Education is unable to warm up food sent with children, nor permitted to automatically provide or charge a lunch or snacks to their account.  If a student does not have a lunch at lunchtime, and a parent is unavailable, the student will eat the snacks provided by their parent.  Communication will be sent home regarding a change in appetite, items sent, food preferences, etc.

Misconduct - With wisdom, LMCA Early Education staff will respond to inappropriate behavior in a way that brings about the necessary change for proper conduct.  Parents are expected to play the main role in gaining compliance of misbehaving children.

High expectations ensure that students measure themselves against an acceptable standard.

Steps taken for inappropriate behavior:

  • The teacher/staff member will talk to the child and give guidance in correct behavior.  The teacher/staff member will give the child an opportunity to exhibit the appropriate behavior.
  • If necessary, the child will be removed from group setting.  A note will be sent home and the incident will be documented.

Basic Rules of Conduct are taught and enforced at LMCA:

  • Speak and treat all respectfully
  • Keep your hands to yourself
  • Use proper manners both inside and outside the classroom
  • Do what you are told the first time asked
  • Clean up after yourself

In extreme cases, a child may require “immediate” removal from the classroom to maintain order.  A supervising teacher or the office may be requested to assist with the situation.  The child may be sent home in order to diffuse the misconduct.  When contacted, the parent will be expected to pick up their child within 1 hour.  The Director may schedule a meeting with the parent and teacher on a case-by-case basis.  When contacted to meet with school staff concerning a disciplinary issue, meetings must be scheduled within 24 hours.  Upon the Director’s discretion, a behavior plan may be issued, or the child may be dismissed from LMCA Early Education.

It is our goal to:

  • Encourage students and give positive reinforcement
  • Speak softly and respectfully to the child
  • Speak directly to the child (at his/her eye level)

Parent Teacher Meetings (PTM’s) – Parent Teacher Meetings are scheduled two times per year, in September and March, for the PK2 – K4 classes.  These meetings provide an understanding of student and classroom goals, expectations, and achievements.   It is also an opportunity for the parent and teacher to build and strengthen their partnership, focused on the student.

Personal Belongings - Do not allow children to bring toys without prior teacher permission (e.g. show and tell), valuable items, or money.  Early Education is not responsible for lost, stolen, or missing items.  Absolutely NO guns, weapons or similar war-type toys are allowed at any time.

Philosophy of Discipline - “Discipline means discipleship.”  Parents are primarily responsible for the training and discipline of their children. 

We support the biblical model for parental discipline (see Proverbs 3:11, 12; Proverbs 29:15, 17).  Paddling is clearly the responsibility of the PARENT(S) (not LMCA Early Education) and is to be administered by a loving and concerned parent under emotional control.  LMCA Early Education staff members use a balance of positive reinforcements and consequences to train for proper conduct.

Potty Trained - Children entering K3 must be fully potty trained, dressed in underwear and need limited assistance in the bathroom.  There is an understanding that accidents happen; however, they should not be common occurrences.  Continual accidents may indicate that your child may not be ready for our K3 program.  Parents MUST provide a full set of clothing in case of an accident.  LMCA is not permitted to launder soiled clothing as per Health Department regulations.

Progress Reports – Progress reports are provided at the end of the second quarter (December) and fourth quarter (May) for PK2 – K4 students.  These evaluations communicate the student’s recognition, knowledge, and accomplishments.  It also identifies areas where additional attention may be needed.

Recess/Outside Time - Physical activity is required.  All children will enjoy time outside daily.  Please apply sunscreen to your child prior to the school day.

Referral Program “Together We Grow” – Receive $500 off of YOUR tuition or Childcare for every family that enrolls as a result of your referral!

RenWeb - RenWeb is an online program designed to increase our communication with parents.  Parents are able to check lesson plans, homework, and family statements online with the security of a personal password.  E-mailing will also be available between staff and parents.  Written progress reports are sent home quarterly.

Safety Drills – Fire drill, shelter in place, stranger danger drills we be conducted on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Sign-in/Sign-out - In compliance with state regulations, all children MUST be signed in and out by their parent/guardian daily.  A child must be accompanied by a responsible party and may NOT be dropped at he door.  Children will only be released to individuals who are at least 16 years of age, with a documented driver’s license or picture ID, and who are on the approved pick-up list.

Sick Policy – Children will be sent home if they have a fever or are listless and cannot participate in the program.  Your child will be isolated and you will be notified to pick him or her up immediately.  Your child may return when he or she is free from fever, diarrhea, or illness for 24 hours and is no longer contagious.  We will post any communicable diseases (e.g. chicken pox). 

In the event your child has an illness that requires him/her to be seen by a physician, or is recommended by LMCA, a note from the physician must be provided upon returning to school. The note must include the date of the visit, the diagnosis, and a specific date as to when they may return to school. 

Snacks - Morning and afternoon snacks should be brought to school daily.

Summer Camp – Sign up for Summer Camp attendance begins in April. Your student MUST be enrolled in summer camp to attend.

Supplies - The student fee for classroom and other student related supplies is factored into the weekly Childcare tuition cost.  Minimal additional supplies (tissues, wipes, etc.) are required.  Please refer to the EE Supply list for specific supplies needed per age group.  All enrolled students (PK3 - K4) must purchase a logo book bag.  

Surveillance - For maximum safety, LMCA Early Education is monitored with cameras inside and out-side the building. 

Vacation/Personal Days (Full time students ONLY) - Full time students are allotted five (5) personal days per enrollment year for vacation and/or sick absences. Use of vacation/sick days must be requested to be used, or normal weekly tuition rates will apply.  Vacation/sick days are not carried over to the next enrollment year.  When all five (5) days have been used, normal weekly tuition rates will be charged.

Visitors - All visitors MUST report to the receptionist as soon as they arrive and wear a “Visitor Pass” while on site.  Please DO NOT go to the classrooms without obtaining and displaying this pass.  Specific guidelines apply and are available from the receptionist.

  • Parents, guardians, and grandparents are welcome to visit.  However, we ask that no younger children attend with you.  This includes classroom events.  To avoid offense, parents are asked to dress in a conservative manner when visiting the campus or attending school functions.
  • Smoking is prohibited on school property at any time per Nevada Revised Statue.  This includes parents and guests at all times.
  • LMCA Early Education is a closed facility.  Anyone not attending must have permission to be on the premises.
  • No LMCA students may loiter inside or outside LMCA Early Education.