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Early Education

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to pack my child a lunch or do you have a lunch program?
A hot lunch is available for purchase through our kitchen, (702) 565-5831 x00000123, or can be ordered via RenWeb on your computer or phone.  Download the RenWeb Home app for your iphone or Android.

My child needs a breathing treatment or medication.  Do you administer them? 
LMCA Early Education only administers prescribed medication upon written consent of the parents.  Non-prescribed drugs such as Tylenol, decongestants, or ointments are not given to any child without a prescription from the child’s physician.  The prescription must be on the medication and provided to the front desk.

My child is not feeling well (fever, diarrhea, vomiting, etc.), when is it ok to come back to school?
Children may not return to school until they are symptom free for 24 hours. 

How to you handle misconduct? 
With wisdom, LMCA Early Education staff will respond to inappropriate behavior in a way that brings about the necessary change for proper conduct.  Parents are expected to play the main role in gaining compliance of misbehaving children. The teacher/staff member will talk to the child and give guidance in correct behavior.  The teacher/staff member will give the child an opportunity to exhibit the appropriate behavior. If necessary, the child will be removed from group setting.  A note will be sent home and the incident will be documented.

What is my child is not potty trained? 
We work with and encourage our Walkers and PK2 to transfer from diapers to underwear appropriate to their interest and development. However, children entering PK3 must be fully potty trained, dressed in underwear, and need limited assistance in the bathroom.

How can I get informed about upcoming class events or spirit days?
Early Education utilizes text notifications to keep you informed on upcoming class events as well as special and spirit days. For more information on how to sign up for text notifications for your child's class, please see the front desk.