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You may have noticed the hotline phone number displayed all over the school campus. This number, 702-565-5831 ext 0000334, is connected to a voicemail box where students or parents can leave anonymous concerns about anything going on at LMCA or involving LMCA students and families. This submission allows people to leave anonymous concerns via email. 

Concerns left in either hotline location will be directed to the appropriate party to be handled to the best of our ability.  The hotline is not to circumvent LMCA’s longstanding encouragement  for people to talk directly with others about problems nor is the hotline to be used to complain about school policy, grades, or staff.  The hotline may be a good place to address a safety issue or concern that someone is not be comfortable talking about face-to-face.  If you have any questions about the new hotline, direct contact



Please fill out the box below to send an anonymous email or call our anonymous hotline at 702-565-5831 ext. 0000334



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