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Together We Grow Referral Program



LMCA Referral Program
Lake Mead Christian Academy Existing Families


  1. The referring family (mentioned hereafter) is the family who refers a new family who subsequently enrolls a

    student (or students) in LMCA.

  2. The referred family (mentioned hereafter) is the family who is referred by the referring family. The referred

    family cannot also be the referring family.

  3. A referring family will receive a $500 reward/incentive for referred family Nursery-12th grade students who

    enroll in LMCA contingent upon all of the following policies and criteria.

    • The referring family’s $500 incentive shall apply toward tuition only. In the event that tuition has

      been paid in full, the credit may be used toward other school fees.

    • The referred family must list the referring family on the specified referral form at the beginning of the

      enrollment process. Only one family can be identified as the referring family on the referral form.

  4. Families being referred cannot have any students who have previously attended LMCA at any time.

  5. The referring family’s $500 incentive will be credited after the new referred family has successfully

    submitted payments for the equivalent of three months of tuition or childcare fees.

  6. Enrollment of referred students shall be subject to the standard LMCA enrollment process and subject to

    the school administration’s approval. Approval of a referred student is not guaranteed.

  7. Incentives for referring families are subject to enrollment availability. If there are no open spots in a

    class/classroom for a student you refer, the referred student will not be admitted, and referring families will

    not receive an incentive.

  8. Incentives granted to referring families are non-transferrable.

  9. This incentive offer from LMCA is subject to change and/or cancellation at any time.