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International Students



International Student Admissions Process


  • Fill out the Online Application ($50 application fee)
  • Wait to be contacted by UEC (Upgrade Education Center) for a student/parent interview
  • Once the interview is complete, the following documents will be collected from UEC:
    • Birth Certificate/Passport
    • Immunization Record
    • Last 2 Years of Report Cards

                    ***Insurance is provided through UEC

  • UEC will submit all documents to LMCA
  • Upon receiving these documents, Admissions will create the I-20 and a conditional letter of acceptance
  • UEC will make sure that both the conditional letter of acceptance, along with the I-20 is mailed to student
  • Once the student obtains his/her F-1 visa, UEC will arrange travel plans into the U.S. 
  • Prior to starting the first day of school, all international students are required to attend a New Family Meeting in which they will meet with the Administrator, Finance (where parents pay the bill in full), and Admissions






UEC (Upgrade Education Center)

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Mentor Collective @ LMCA



What is Mentor Collective @ LMCA?  

Mentor Collective is a national online mentoring community

LMCA is one of many schools around the country to partner with Mentor Collective in order to empower its community to support the next generation through mentorship

Mentor Collective matches international LMCA students with a trained mentor based on common interests, life challenges and academics

Mentors are highly qualified LMCA alumni volunteers and students


What are the expectations for a Mentor Collective mentorship?

MC mentorships involve meeting at least once per month via videochat or in person is the MC at LMCA’s online home base, where mentors and mentees will…

Access discussion guides for each session

Share insights on the mentee’s needs and well-being with the school, by submitting the 2-minute post-session report


STUDENTS: Why is this program useful to me?

By having a personal mentor, you will be able to learn from the experiences of someone who was recently in your place

Your mentor will be able to help you find ways to delve deeper into your passions, and also expand your horizon to discover new ones

If sustained for at least 6-12 months, mentorship impacts not only short-term happiness and comfort on campus, but also long-term academic success and confidence

Smart people seek mentors. From billionaire businessman Bill Gates to Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg to Academy Award-winning actor Clint Eastwood, many of today’s most successful people credit their achievements to the mentors that guided them.



Admissions Policy

* Lake Mead Christian Academy has an open admission

policy in which students are accepted regardless of race,

color, gender, religion, or national/ethnic origin. We are a non-denominational

school with a student body representing

various denominations.

* Every student is enrolled on a probationary status the first

semester of school. Students are removed from probation if they make acceptable academic,

behavior and spiritual progress.

* Governing Space Limitations

* Currently enrolled families will have priority regarding their sibling’s enrollment

* Those enrolling multiple students will have priority

* LMCA staff children will have priority

* Students with special needs: The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) is a federal law to

ensure a Free and Public Education (FAPE) for all eligible children. Private school children with

disabilities do not have an individual entitlement to services they would receive if they were enrolled in

a public school.

* Lake Mead Christian Academy does not provide IEPs or 504 Plans. LMCA does not have a resource

room, special education case managers, or the capacity to offer individualized instruction for students

who may need additional support with learning or behavioral needs in the regular education setting.

While we cannot provide special education services on our campus, we do provide limited

accommodations on a case-by-case basis.

* If you have any questions regarding the application process or school policies, you may contact the

admissions department.

Health & Medical

* Students must be insured and parents provide proof of coverage with their application.

* In case of accident or injury, the school’s insurance policy will not cover medical expenses, except in

cases of clear negligence.

* Students must be current in immunizations and provide shot records (or exemption letters) as a

condition of enrollment.