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Why I Chose LMCA

Julie Sorrels:

"I choose LMCA because of the culture, class size, and overall warm feeling.  I feel good dropping my kids off in the morning knowing they will be poured into and loved by the staff that is there. I love that they will make life long friendships."


Karen Keller:

"We are the maternal grandparents of Kenzie Jayd Crowl. She is a precocious 9 yr. old in 3rd grade with Mrs. Baker. This is our second year at LMCA.  Her Papa and I began this guardianship journey the day before she entered kindergarten. She was 6. Papa has been the orchestrator and tactical lead in Kenzie’s schooling and even before, has been her primary care giver her whole life. He applied for her to enter Pinecrest for kindergarten, and we were accepted in the 11th hour.  So she began her schooling there. It was in first grade, that on the way home from a play at Basic High school, where her cousin performed, that from the back seat, I hear her say as we pass Pinecrest, “Grandma, I want to go to a school where I can talk about Jesus.” Papa and I had toyed with the idea of putting her in Christian school from the start but unsure of how long God would give us the right to choose for her, we just hadn’t.  Pinecrest (Nevada charter school) was a much better alternative to Clark county schools, but it was still bound by the post Christian edicts that prevent godly teachers from openly sharing Jesus. I felt as though “From the mouth of a child” our direction had been confirmed.   We were no longer on the fence.  I explained she would be leaving her friends and familiar surroundings, that the work would be harder and she would need to quickly learn cursive. I explained her doing the work and meeting the expectations of the school would determine if she got to stay at the school.  They could ask her to leave if the work was too hard for her.  She was adamant and determined she could do it.   

Papa set out to investigate how we could satisfy her request.  He put in all the leg work and questioning that led us to Mrs. Blakeley’s interview.  Kenzie began her 2nd grade at LMCA, and she never looked back.  She has exceeded our expectations and excelled. Papa is the primary presence at the school, volunteering and transporting her.  We have committed to offer her LMCA whether she is with us or not, Lord willing.   I am prayerful her mother will support that goal because it takes more than money to help her succeed.   

We believe LMCA can give Kenzie the tools she needs to follow Jesus in a post Christian world.  It will give her the support system and the knowledge to battle the culture and lies of the enemy that war against her soul.  Instead of minimizing and demeaning our faith, her school is another area she can openly act and serve in the power of Christ.  I believe friends and the peer pressure they bring is a battlefield for her heart.  I am prayerful the children she might call friends at LMCA are seeking to live a life that brings glory and honor to Christ.  Imperfectly yes, just like us all, but that is their goal. They will support her in her walk with Christ and not pull her down.  She will be in a community that understands, when they fail, the grace of God is available for them.  They are not defined by their mistakes.  LMCA will give her opportunities to serve and sacrifice.  Life’s meaning is not about satisfying herself, but serving Christ."

Thanks for letting me share,

Karen & George Keller



Sherri Sanders:

"Honestly I did not choose LMCA for my son, God did. He awoke me in the middle of the night the day before I would register my son in Clark County Public school system and led me to your school’s website.  In less than 24 hrs., I was given a tour by Jamie, and was so moved by all the school had to offer, knew it could only be the hand of God who led me to LMCA.  I feel LMCA provides opportunities to live out faith.  It is a place where some of the staff can provide extremely helpful Godly counsel to my son. The focus on technology has been a great adjunct to learning; I love the smaller class sizes and opportunites it presents to get to know teachers better. The LMCA community is observed to be a place of care/support; I am confident my son’s LMCA education will be a springboard to propel him into the next phase of his educational development."